Save Tabs in Google Chrome

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2015 12:59PM EST
In Google Chrome, it is possible to set your tabs to always open when you launch the browser by “pinning” them. 
Control + click on any open tab and choose Pin tab. The tab size will automatically shrink to display the icon associated with that webpage, and it will move to the left automatically. Repeat the process on all the tabs that you want to pin. Out of order? You can click and drag them to the places that you want. One thing to remember though, you can’t mix pinned and unpinned tabs. Pinned tabs can only be located on the left side and cannot move to the right of tabs that are not pinned.
The next time you open your (Chrome) browser, your pinned tabs will be there waiting for you. Pinned tabs can be useful for the usual suspects such as Google mail, itsLearning, and our district website…
What if you decide that you no longer need a “pinned” tab? Simply, control + click on the tab and select Unpin tab.

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