Google Docs: Prompt to Make a Copy

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2015 12:58PM EST
A feature of the old Google Drive was to be able to append &newcopy to the end of the URL. This  would prompt the student to make a copy when you share a view-only link with that student.  Unfortunately this feature no longer works with the new Google Drive.

New to Google Docs is the ability to replace the /edit at the end of the URL with /copy. This has the  same functionality that the old feature had.

The /copy works with ALL types of documents: Sheets, Documents, Slides, and Draw!

Replace /edit with /copy

From the URL in the address bar, delete the /edit at the end of the link. (For a spreadsheet you will ALSO delete the #gid=#### to the right of the /edit.) 

Type /copy

The URL on this Google Doc is

DELETE the /edit and replace with /copy


Notice when you click on the link it now prompts you to make a copy of the doc.

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